Love Songs

Permit me, dear reader, a few moments of gratuitous self-revelation. Over the past weeks I have withdrawn from writing to reflect and to delve into the words of others in an effort to understand a world I fear I no longer trust I can understand. Reading Karl Popper’s Open Society, Freeländer’s Nazi Germany and the Jews, Müller on Populism, and Traverso’s The New Faces of Fascism, grappling with the ominous shadow of the rise of the far-right now hanging over us all, I have found myself meditating...

Veni Veni Emmanuel

Yet this moment – however and wherever we imagine it happening – changes everything. That God the creator of the universe took flesh and was born to these people in this place makes a scandal of the poverty that surrounds it. In every detail it turns on its head the notion that baubles and frivolities for a single day can absolve us of all we have chosen to ignore. It comes as a stark reminder that what we are ignoring is no less than all the suffering of the world.